The Guild's annual show for 2020 is "Slice of Life," which will feature works that capture snippets of the artists’ personal lives - past or present - portraying interesting and insightful glimpses into their everyday experiences. Top artworks will be recognized through awards given by a guest juror.


Delivering Digital Artwork

  • Take a good-quality, JPG format digital image (or two) of your artwork and email it to Marcella Kuykendall at
  • Identify your work with artist name, title of piece, material/medium, dimensions of each work, and provide a short written description explaining the work's meaning.
  • Marcella does not need the prospectus form signed until the actual artwork is turned in.
  • Your digital submissions must be emailed to Marcella by March 31.
    • All art will be juried into the show based on the digital images, not the physical pieces.
    • All submitted digital images will be emailed to the judge. The judge will select works for the show by April 2, and Marcella will notify artists by email on April 3 of their selections, so artists will know which pieces to deliver to the arts center, and which ones were not selected.
    • Only art pieces selected for the show by the judge should be brought to the arts center.

Delivering Selected Artwork

  1. All selected artwork will need to be delivered to the arts center on Sunday, April 5, from 1-4 pm. Again, you will know whether or not to bring your artwork depending on the email you get from Marcella on April 3. 
  2. You will need to drop your artwork off, along with the completed prospectus, at the turnaround entrance at the end of the Galleria (where the building supervisor's desk is - across from the parking deck). The arts center may be closed to the public, so Marcella will  have to take the work from there herself unless it is a really big, awkward or heavy piece that requires two people. She requests that artists notify her about this ahead of time when you submit your digital image.
  3. Whether or not the arts center is open, Marcella will still install the art pieces in the gallery (and the poetry pieces from the writers guild in the front lobby) between April 5-7.
  4. The arts center will create a "virtual tour" that will be available for viewing online in the event the center has to stay closed longer than their initial expectation.
  5. Because we cannot yet determine when the center will reopen, we will hold a closing reception for the show instead of an opening reception. The closing reception date is Thursday, May 14, from 5-7 pm. It is at the closing reception that winners of the exhibit will be announced. 

To summarize:

  • Your Guild membership dues for 2020 must be paid to participate.
  • You must send Marcella photos of your Slice of Life artwork by March 31, to participate in the exhibition. 
  • If your artwork is selected for the show, you must bring it to the arts center on April 5 between 1-4 pm and drop it off with Marcella at the turnaround entrance.
  • The Slice of Life exhibit will be available to be viewed digitally (I assume this means a video or photos of the installed artwork) until the arts center reopens.
  • Assuming the arts center is reopened by May 14, that is when we will have the closing reception and announce winners.

Download the prospectus here.